Our Team

A Unique Mix

The team members at Hart House Wine & Tapa may come from different backgrounds, but they all share the same passion for making healthy, tasty, creative dishes. Read their stories below, and get in touch if you want to learn more.


Kelsi Thompson

General Manager

Kelsi brings 19 years of serving experience along with 15 years of bartending experience to Hart House Wine and Tapa. She graduated from Business Administration and Hospitality Management with Event Planning and has been a part of front of the house management teams for over 10 years. Kelsi also looks after all social media and website building for HHWT. She creates all of the Bar Menu, but her favorite drinks to make are Mojitos and Gin Slings.

Brady Sjolin

Sous Chef

Brady has been working in the industry for 11 years, graduating from NAIT in 2016 as a Journeyman Chef. He has travelled across Canada for numerous positions including a Chef position at a 5 Star fishing resort in Ontario. His favorite dish at Hart House Wine and Tapa is his "Smoked Korean Ribs".


Jenna Pratt


Jenna is now a Hart House veteran! She came to us with minimal hospitality experience and has soared in both bartending and serving, and is well on her way to big things! She's a doggie mom, loves all things country and is a great asset to our team! Jenna's favorite drink to make is the Honey Pear Margarita!

Brock Friesen

First Cook

Brock is the owner and operator of Glean Farms; and Edith Co. It was important to him to be able to produce whole, nutritious and delicious food free of chemicals for his daughter: Edith. So, he reflected for some time, and decided to (again) try his hand at Microgreens! Brock is our supplier of all the beautiful, nutrient packed greens you see on our plates - he also helps in our kitchen, and is such a great addition to our team, always happy and smiling and here for the right reasons!


Lindsay Hall-Kanten


Lindsay came to us this past summer, with almost no restaurant experience. She has grown exceptionally, and showed us some great skills! She's definitely the one you want to chat with during your dining experience, you will not leave unhappy! Lindsay loves to cook and be in the kitchen, and has previous experience as a Land Agent, with her degree from Old's College. Lindsay's our go to Pampered Chef gal, breaking Canadian Pampered Chef records, she'll hook you up! Not to mention, Lindsay is extremely talented in the craft department, make sure to check out her stuff at Harley Makes & Bakes!

Carley Ritz


Carley was the first to join our team last spring! You may recognize her from Stockman's Chophouse where she worked alongside Chef Tyson or from BRSD where she teaches mental health classes for students. Carley has been working casually in the service industry for 15 years and has a passion for local, creative and unique cuisine!